“To develop societal modernization and optimistic approach among the humans through exalted standards of education”

Alpha Helps Children to Regain What’s Missed

“I had been sewing over 30 shoe vamps daily, but now I sew eight shoe vamps daily and give more time to study because now I have an opportunity to acquire quality education free of cost and I want to use this chance to brighten my future”

Alpha Resource Center for working children

The note-worthy aspect of the Alpha Foundation (AF), this has been managing all teaching support materials expenses for last half and one year. Currently, Alpha Foundation is running a Non-formal Basic Education Center for purely deserving and working children involved into different trades namely as; shoe-making, embroidery, daily wages and auto-workshop. Total 46 children working 29 female and 17male are continuing their education as contradictory to their adverse financial crises. Their families are living from hand to mouth. The Foundation has committed to its vision to acquire basic education is the right of every child. Due to non-funding, these children are still coming into NFBE where quality education is being focused. These children are being taught daily live skills and basic health and hygiene through competitive teachers. Activity based teaching is being practiced. Parents and community are expressing satisfaction of education and sending their children regularly. Attitudinal changes and health and hygiene changes are observed among all children.

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